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Message from a Frustrated Traveler.
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When I created this blog, Wisdom Growers, I had one objective in mind: I wanted to show the beautiful, the positive and the joys in life. I wanted to talk about the wonders of the world and I always... READ MORE

Learning on the Land.
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On June 26th, Andrew and I officially became owners of a big piece of land, on a slope, in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia. Since that famous date, I can tell you, we’ve learnt a lot of things!... READ MORE

Tales from Asia.
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It’s been a long time since I’ve written on my blog and a lot of things have happened since my last article on our trip to India. Since then, we’ve been around more than half the circumference of the... READ MORE

Fascinating Rajasthan.
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In January, Andrew and I decided to go back to India to explore once more this fabulous culture. For this trip, we chose Rajasthan as our destination; a fascinating state that brings to mind images of deserts, camels and... READ MORE

Simple Kitchen.
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One of the things I like about travelling is the simplicity we plunge ourself into as soon as we grab our backpack. Backpacking forces you to travel light, making the art of simple living that much easier to grasp.... READ MORE

A Fabulous Year.
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In the last few weeks, everywhere around me, I kept hearing “finally, the end of 2016”, or, “2016, what a bad year”. I have to admit that I feel a little alien when I hear those things because for... READ MORE

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